Glastonbury Engraving Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated company established in 1971, where the founder, Dick Wright, is still captain. Glastonbury Engraving provides custom engraving and manufacturing of control panels, switchboards, consoles and dashboards for the Marine, Automotive, Hydraulic, and Electrical Industries.  And we do it fast, accurate and at a competitive price.

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We are pioneers in the manufacturing of control panels, utilizing a substrate of many materials overlaid with .025" thick thermoset resin laminate, in any texture, gloss level and color, engraved and filled to your design and specification, making them the single most indestructible panels available. The TUF-TEX panel is recognized in the industry as the flagship of premier engraved panels.

Our manufacturing processes are environmentally safe, made with material easily reclaimed without VOC emissions and is safe for handling. Whether you are rebuilding machines or are an OEM building state-of-the-art equipment, we invite you to seek pricing on your products. The foundation of our success is our service, quality and dependability.

Reasons to choose TUF-TEX and NU-ALUM

  • Attractive, non-glare finish & variety of colors
  • Dry erase surfaces can be provided
  • .025 thick graphic layer face on any substrate
  • Many inexpensive substrates can by utilized
  • Bond and surfaces resistant to chemicals
  • Subsequent color & finish match guaranteed
  • Minimum lead time
  • Any size up to 8' long x 4' wide
  • Refurbishing of competitor's panels available
TUF-TEX is an attractive, non-glare textured surface available in a variety of colors and unlimited size capability. TUF-TEX is guaranteed in its repeatability on color, gloss level and texture. There is also the ability to incorporate dry erase surfaces to areas of the panels.

TUF-TEX features two component construction with .025 thermoset resin top laminate and bottom metal sub panel. The two components are put together with an extremely chemical resistant adhesive system, not a pressure sensitive adhesive.

TUF-TEX surface’s high abrasion and impact resistance is achieved by the deep texturing and extreme hardness of the top thermoset resin. The panels are totally cigarette burn proof.

TUF-TEX has the highest chemical resistance by far of any product on the market. All components, including engraving cavities and adhesive, have extended chemical resistance to industry solvents and chemicals like Mek, acetone, blanket wash, oil and ink. TUF-TEX panels showed no effects to 24 hour total submersion in Mek. Unprotected panel edges have the same chemical resistance as the surface. Paint for edge protection can be eliminated.

Computer-engraved top laminate with CAD Design capability, shallow engraving with NO fill required, permanent graphics are engraved into solid multicolor resin laminate. No need to dimension drawings, saving you many hours in design time.

With TUF-TEX, provisional cut outs are available with no show through and easy on-site removal by router.

Unlike other panels, TUF-TEX metal and laminate can be separated at any time by the application of 250 Deg F. heat. Changes in the panel can be made in a fast, cost-effective manner by applying a new top laminate to existing metal.

The TUF-TEX line is manufactured with materials and methods that compliment today's environmental concerns such as VOC emissions and worker safety.

Two-week normal delivery

All TUF-TEX panel components, including the engraving cavity and adhesive, have extended chemical resistance to industry solvents and chemicals. TUF-TEX panels are regularly specified by the printing industry where consistent exposure to solvents destroys conventional panel materials in a matter of weeks. Even the unprotected panel edges have the same chemical resistance as the surface. The need for edge protection such as paint, are thus eliminated.

All panel components, including the adhesive, have the extended chemical resistance to industry solvents and chemicals, and also are specified by industries where consistent exposure to solvents destroys conventional panels.

Now available for marine, automotive and aviation applications: 

Dipping Solutions is an economical way to enhance and extend your product line. Whether marine, automotive, point of purchase, house-wares, sporting goods etc, Dipping Solutions is a unique process that adds a long lasting decorative finish to your product.
Available Finishes:
Carbon Fiber
Brush Aluminum 
 Oxford Burlwood Brown Burlwood Red Burlwood
 Rosewood Dark Burlwood Carbon Fiber
Visit Their website for more information here:

Please give us a call at (860) 633-0692 today to discuss your needs.

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